1. Build the capacity of women MPs to be effective political leaders and representatives of citizens through strengthening their knowledge of democratic, federal constitutional structures that reflect the core values of gender equality and democratic rights for citizens.
  2. Secure recognition that the valiant contribution of the women of Myanmar during the Spring Revolution is acknowledged and honored through constitutional guarantees of gender equality. 
  3. Honour the political aspirations and participation of Myanmar women by ensuring that the democratic values of gender equality, diversity and inclusion are reflected in the work of the Network and its members. 
  4. Advocate for the full recognition of rights for all Myanmar citizens, including ethnic peoples, in the policies and programmes of the National Unity Government and in a future democratic federal constitution. 
  5. Participate in the drafting and development of a new federal constitution with robust democratic institutions ensuring that gender equality is embedded in developing government structures at the national and state and region level.
  6. Obtain financial support for the activities and the operation of the Network, including staff/office and equipment.
  7. Lead the inclusion of gender equality as a core value in future policies, legislation, and government programmes.
  8. Collaborate with the national, state and region parliaments, National Unity Government, revolutionary forces (including ethnic organizations), civil society organization, both domestic and international, other national governments that support the restoration of democracy in Myanmar, international parliaments and parliamentary organizations to secure humanitarian aid, health care and education services for the people of Myanmar.
  9. Support the delivery of humanitarian assistance to citizens and communities throughout Myanmar.
  10. Advocate for stronger international action in support of the National Unity Government.
  11. Reach out to international women’s parliamentary organizations, parliamentary gender equality committees and women’s parliamentary committees to inform the world parliamentary community of the work and accomplishments of the Network and to seek advice and support for its efforts and activities. 
  12. Document and report human rights violations to local and international judicial bodies, international parliamentary human rights organizations, and other groups of the commission of war crimes by the Military Junta. 
  13. Link citizens and communities with the National Unity Government strengthening communications and information exchange.
  14. Work to narrow gaps in service delivery and information with citizens.
  15. Inform and involve citizens in policy development.
  16. Act as a bridge with civil society organizations assisting in advancing support for citizens and communities.
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