Following the military coup in February 2021, elected representatives at the national, state and region level stood in solidarity and joined with millions of Myanmar citizens around the country to protest the junta’s illegal seizure of power. A group of women members of parliament (MPs) stood in solidarity with ethnic groups and actively supported the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) despite the junta’s violent reprisals. In October 2021, this group of women MPs from state and regional parliaments came together with women MPs elected to the national parliament. The women MPs shared the common goals of opposing the military dictatorship, securing the restoration of democracy in their country and establishing a fully democratic federal state. Since that time, this group of women MPs have been convening regular meetings to identify ways to provide assistance to citizens in their communities that are experiencing the hardship of conflict. The network will formally be established on November 2, 2022, and will work towards restoring democracy in Myanmar, providing humanitarian assistance, and advocating both nationally and internationally for the rights of all Myanmar citizens including ethnic minorities and women. 

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